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Back To School

Sep 02 2015

Just a quick nudge in the direc­tion of a new class I’ve put together on skill­share called Hav­ing Fun With Web­fonts and Web Typog­ra­phy.

This class is all about hav­ing fun with type­faces on the web. Mod­ern browsers and CSS tech­niques are pro­gress­ing and improv­ing day to day and week to week and stu­dents in this class will learn how to apply a vari­ety of these cre­ative and inter­est­ing effects to their web typography.

With prac­ti­cal exam­ples and step by step instruc­tions you will dis­cover just how much fun you can have with mod­ern web­fonts. The class project will also encom­pass respon­sive design , javascript plu­g­ins for more gran­u­lar con­trol of typog­ra­phy and a whole host of for­ward think­ing CSS techniques.

In this project you will cre­ate a 5 page mini site with a dif­fer­ent typo­graph­i­cal treat­ment on each page. With each dif­fer­ent treat­ment you will build your knowl­edge of CSS tech­niques that can be used on styling web­fonts to great effect.

Having Fun With Webfonts

The aim of this class is to make you, the stu­dent, more flu­ent in mod­ern tech­niques on the web by exper­i­ment­ing, kick­ing the tyres a bit and gen­er­ally hav­ing some fun, which I find is the best way to hone skills and famil­iarise one­self with new techniques.

Check it out here!