Texture Tutorial

Jul 22 2010

texture tutorial illustration

Hello all and wel­come to my first ever tuto­r­ial. As you’ve prob­a­bly noticed I use a lot of tex­tures, espe­cially in my per­sonal work. Some of my tex­tured shots on have received a supris­ingly large amount of atten­tion, which has led to sev­eral dribb­ble team play­ers ask­ing for a tuto­r­ial, I am of course only too happy to oblige.


You can down­load all the files used in a zip file here. Inside are the two tex­ture jpegs used and the final psd file (cs4) for reference.

Step 1

no texture yet

I started off with a light green back­ground with a sim­ple illus­tra­tion in a layer above it.

Step 2

step 2

I firstly copied and pasted texture_1.jpg on a layer above the illus­tra­tion and set blend mode to vivid light and opac­ity to 54%. I then dupli­cated this layer, then made the dupli­cate black and white (image > adjust­ments > black & white), then set blend mode to over­lay and opac­ity to 43%.

Step 3

step 3

Lastly I copied and pasted texture_2.jpg over the top of the last two and set blend mode to over­lay and opac­ity to 70%. And that’s it!


I hope you’ve found this quick tuto­r­ial use­ful, as you can see it’s super easy to apply tex­tures. I think the trick is apply­ing them to the right sub­ject and firstly pick­ing the right tex­ture to use and then not over-doing it (which I found out the hard way). There’s no right or wrong way to use them it’s just a mat­ter of trial and error and experimentation.

If you want some more tex­tures to play with you can head on over to my free tex­ture site where I make avail­able all the tex­ture pics that I take myself.

Thanks for reading.