Hitting The Nail On The Head..

Mar 17 2010

hitting the nail on the head illustration

The last few weeks has seen the whole web design world up in arms in debate about some of the key issues fac­ing designers/developers right now. Some of the biggest guns in the indus­try have been shed­ding light on the var­i­ous hot top­ics that we grap­ple with every day. Whether it be web design­ers who can’t code, design­ing in browser, or the eter­nal thorn in the side that is IE6.

Whilst I don’t for a sec­ond put myself in the same com­pany as the likes of Elliot Jay Stocks, Trent Wal­ton or Mea­gan Fisher, I do how­ever think that a hum­ble begin­ner such as I could con­tribute in some small way to the heated debate.

From what I have gleaned from my short time in the indus­try it seems that there are no set rules for a good or suc­cess­ful future in web design. Some design­ers code, some don’t. Some peo­ple still worry about IE6, some don’t. Some design­ers do every­thing in pho­to­shop and then try to mimic that in the browser, some do it all in the browser. I guess my point is that you have to tai­lor the way you work to suit you because, after all first and fore­most you need to enjoy your job.

For what it’s worth I per­son­ally do most of my design­ing in the browser. I start of with a rough mock-up in pho­to­shop then do the lions share of the design in notepad++ and fire­fox. I guess this is why I enjoy the cod­ing side of web design as much as the actual design part because for me they are intrin­si­cally linked. I am also a great believer in degrad­ing grace­fully, if peo­ple make the effort to have mod­ern browsers like fire­fox, chrome or safari then they will ben­e­fit by see­ing designs in all their glory. I don’t believe in hin­der­ing progress by pan­der­ing to IE.

Even though I am no fan of inter­net explorer in any of its incar­na­tions I believe that most peo­ple don’t use it because they pre­fer it, they use it because they don’t know that there are bet­ter alter­na­tives. So it’s up to us as an indus­try to edu­cate non-savvy web users and chan­nel our frus­tra­tion and anger into rid­ding the world of IE6.

So after all that the real point of this post was to high­light some recent articles/sites that for me have really “hit the nail on the head”. Firstly Trent Walton’s blog post enti­tled “Posi­tion absolute” really summed every­thing up far more elo­quently than I am able. Sec­ondly the site wrapped it up in a nut­shell for me. And lastly, this arti­cle by David DeSan­dro showed a lat­eral way of approach­ing the IE6 dilema that I enjoyed.