Moving House

Nov 06 2011

Moving House

If you’ve been to this site before you may have noticed that things have changed a lit­tle, you may have been expect­ing to see this ver­sion of the site. Well things have changed around here, the last ver­sion of this site lasted for over a year which is a pretty long time for me, which prob­a­bly means I did some­thing right with it. The time came though for a new direc­tion and a more focused approach, let me explain.

I decided that I wanted the con­tent (my work and blog arti­cles) to be the main focus of the site, not the actual site itself. I also wanted it to be more portable, even though the pre­vi­ous ver­sion was respon­sive and worked well on ipad/iphone etc it never really felt quite right to me, prob­a­bly because I made it for desk­top only at first then adapted it to be respon­sive at a later date. This time there was no real hier­ar­chy or pri­or­ity in terms of which view­point was most impor­tant, I tried to think com­pletely flu­idly about the site and designed it 100% in-browser, fre­quently mov­ing between browser widths to make sure I was happy with it in all viewpoints.

The result is some­thing that I’m really happy with (although no doubt I’ll be tweak­ing things for a while as nor­mal). I think the site is time­less and anti-trend enough to last for for some time. With the con­tent being the main focus, as long as I pro­duce good work then this web­site will also look good (well that’s the plan hope­fully). I have found this kind of responsive/adaptive/fluid (or what­ever you wanna call it) way of think­ing towards web design a breath of fresh air, and has really helped me to focus on what’s really impor­tant in a web­site — the con­tent and func­tion of the site (what­ever that may be).

So any­way I’ve prat­tled on long enough, wel­come to my new home, have a look around (resize your browser a bit if you like) enjoy your stay and thanks for reading.