Watch Your Step

Dec 02 2010

watch your step

Inspired by one of my favourite record cov­ers and this CSS3 exper­i­ment by Trent Wal­ton I thought I’d play around with some CSS3 text-shadow, –webkit-background-clip and –webkit-text-fill-color.

Of course this page is com­pletely unsuit­able for wider use and is a ridicu­lous jaunt into the world of silly, but I don’t care. Some­times it’s just nice to do some­thing for the sake of it regard­less of how point­less it is.

Check out the page here, the page only works in the lat­est webkit browsers (Safari & Chrome) and will prob­a­bly be a bit slow and/or melt your com­puter (only jok­ing, but it will be slow).

You can see the CSS here