Art Directed post

Jul 30 2012

I’d like to, if I may, direct your gaze in the direc­tion of a new side project I’ve just put together — The site is a very sim­ple archive type blog fea­tur­ing a bunch of book cov­ers from mine and my girlfriend’s very small (but per­fectly formed) library. If you are famil­iar with my work then you prob­a­bly know that I have a thing for archiv­ing every­thing that I’m into, like fonts, records and err… records.

I got the idea while on hol­i­day in Swe­den recently (bib­lioteket is Swedish for “library” just in case you were won­der­ing) as I was look­ing through my friends book­shelves. I’ve cho­sen book cov­ers that have an empha­sis on sim­plic­ity, typog­ra­phy and illus­tra­tion, there are a few that design­ery types will already be aware of but there are also quite a lot of book cov­ers there that have prob­a­bly (well hope­fully) not been archived before.

Any­way have a look around, I hope you enjoy the site.