Discarded Design PT.1

Jan 11 2010

Dis­carded design? What’s that all about? I have long been fas­ci­nated with the things peo­ple throw away and I have also always been a keen char­ity shop, jum­ble sale, car boot scav­enger (espe­cially in my record col­lect­ing days). So with this in mind I have decided to do a series of posts on pieces of design that have been dis­carded and then found by me.

I must con­fess this is not a totally new con­cept and is partly inspired by my dj friend Todd Hart who runs the bril­liant Dal­ston Oxfam Shop blog, his blog focuses on old cas­sette tapes that he finds in the Dal­ston Oxfam char­ity shop, so to avoid steal­ing his thun­der I wont be writ­ing about music in any way.

I recently found this set of Ger­man pho­to­graphic man­u­als which range from 1977–89 in a local char­ity shop. I love the sim­plic­ity of the design, the rich­ness of the pho­tog­ra­phy and the typography.

discarded design pt 1

Finessen im foto­la­bor 1989

discarded design pt 1

Architek­tu­rauf­nah­men 1977

discarded design pt 1

Wir repro­duzieren 1987

discarded design pt 1

Dunkelka­m­mer­praxis 1985