Don’t Believe In Coincidences?

May 17 2012

No Such Thing as Coincidence?

So I’m casu­ally flick­ing through Lufthansa + Graphic Design which arrived from ama­zon a few days ago and to my aston­ish­ment it seems as though I’ve copied the design of Lufthansa’s 1974 busi­ness class menu cards (see pic above) for a site I recently designed for Monty Films!

OK so I haven’t actu­ally copied them as I only just got the book 2 days ago and have never seen those menu cards before but the sim­i­lar­ity did shock me (see screen­grabs of the Monty Films site below)

Monty Films

Monty Films

Monty Films

I sup­pose I’d bet­ter go back through all of my work to see if I’ve unwit­tingly ripped off any more vin­tage air­line design!