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OK Computer

Sep 29 2014

Last night I watched the most inter­est­ing movie I’ve seen in a long while. Com­puter Chess directed by Andrew Bujalski.

This movie com­pletely took me by sur­prise, I was expect­ing another ‘quirky’ movie about com­puter geeks that I’d prob­a­bly half enjoy and half be really annoyed by as I kinda hate the whole cor­po­rate geek thing (Scott Pil­grim etc) but this film wasn’t any­thing like that.

I won’t give too much away, I’ll just say that it mixes com­plete banal­ity with a dark and sin­is­ter malev­o­lence and won­der­ful sur­re­al­ism. Oh yeah, it also has a hotel room full of cats.