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Mi Casa Es Su Casa

Aug 30 2012

A lit­tle while back, in the spirit of col­lab­o­ra­tion I decided that I wanted to open up Dec­o­rated Playlists to guests. I put up a few tweets for the design-minded who fol­low me and emailed a few peeps I know involved with music and record col­lect­ing to see what would happen.

So with that in mind let me intro­duce 2 new guest playlists on the site. Firstly super-talented designer Michela Chi­ucini designed a mix of obscure, mostly Ital­ian (I think) indie pop tracks called sim­ply “Indie, Rock & Pop”.

Sec­ondly I invited an old friend of mine, record col­lec­tor, DJ and pro­moter Jean-Paul Sécu­laire of Right On! to select a playlist that I would then design into a page. Jean-Paul is a bit of a Jamaican and Trinida­dian music nut and what with Jamaica’s and Trinidad’s 50th anniver­sary of inde­pen­dence being this month we came up with Half Ton. It also tied in nicely for me as most of my extended fam­ily are of Jamaican decent.

So any­way have a look (and a lis­ten) hope­fully I’ll have some more guests round soon, as they say, mi casa es su casa.