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Re-align Not Redesign

Apr 30 2014

So as you may have noticed I’ve changed my site again. I made some minor tweaks a month or two back and as always that got me think­ing about my site’s design and even­tu­ally led to a more com­pre­hen­sive re-align. I use the word re-align and not redesign as much of the site has stayed the same, though much has also changed, when it comes to my own site this feels like a more nat­ural way to do things, kind of an evo­lu­tion rather than a revolution.

I’ve always wanted to use a kind of ran­dom seem­ing “Masonry” style grid for dis­play­ing a portfolio’s thumb­nails, so I made one. I’m hard-coding the whole thing inside word­press so I can mix it up and change things when­ever I want, which is a lit­tle bit of a labour of love, but hey if you can’t love your own web­site then what can you love right?

I also wanted to start hav­ing a bit more fun again with my port­fo­lio site, so I played around with the indi­vid­ual project pages a lot more (see below).

Re-align Not Redesign

Which again are mostly hard-coded (I know that this can all be done with clever wordpress/PHP magic but I’m no pro­gram­mer, I usu­ally hire some­one else to do any tricky word­press inte­gra­tion) and I like being able to just work in a text edi­tor and update stuff as I need.

Any­way wel­come to my newly evolved website.