Some New Stuff

Jan 30 2012

Bones Brigade DJs

So just thought I’d give a nod in the direc­tion of a cou­ple of new side-project/personal bits I’ve put up over the last few days. Firstly I’ve had a bit of a rethink over my DJ retire­ment sit­u­a­tion and have decided to start play­ing out again (along­side my DJ part­ner Fran­cois). It will only be very occa­sion­ally (once every 4–5 weeks or so) and I’ll be play­ing some clas­sic soul, ska, reg­gae, psych, booga­loo, latin & freak­beat from my 7″ col­lec­tion. So with this in mind I redesigned the Bones Brigade DJs site (screen­shot above). I haven’t decided on the first date yet, but it will be some­time early Spring (once it warms up a bit).

I had some fun with this respon­sive one-page site, and finally got a chance to use the Fit­text JS plu­gin from Par­avel to make the head­ings respon­sive. I also got the chance to use Guilder really big, which I’d been look­ing for an excuse to do for a while.

New Dec­o­rated Playlist — Shapes

Decorated Playlists - Shapes

Sec­ondly I’ve added a new playlist to Dec­o­rated Playlists called Shapes, which is unsur­pris­ingly made up of songs to do with shapes.