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Those Who Can’t, Teach

Sep 21 2013

I’ve been fairly quiet for most of this year, due to work­ing hard, per­sonal prob­lems and then a very long hol­i­day (that was much needed) but I’m get­ting back into the swing of things now and back from my hol­i­days. Many of the client sites I’ve been work­ing on over the last year will be live soon so stayed tuned, but one thing I can announce is that I’m putting together a class on

This class is for begin­ner level front-end web design­ers who are already learn­ing, or about to learn HTML(5) and CSS(3) and want to hone and improve their typo­graph­i­cal skills within the con­text of todays mod­ern respon­sive and for­ward think­ing design techniques.

The class is a begin­ners intro­duc­tion to web­fonts and web typog­ra­phy. Typog­ra­phy on the web has come on leaps and bounds in recent years and is ever improv­ing and evolv­ing. Design­ers have more and more con­trol not only of how they approach typog­ra­phy but also the fonts they use and the treat­ments they style them with, but with great con­trol comes great respon­si­bil­ity. Typog­ra­phy on the web isn’t just about choos­ing the lat­est pretty font, read­abil­ity, usabil­ity and cross-device scal­a­bil­ity must be bal­anced with aesthetics.

The class starts on Octo­ber 7th Novem­ber 4th, look for­ward to see­ing some of you there.

Check out a quick page I put together to pro­mote the class.