Simon Foster Web Designer

A Moving Target

A Moving Target

The web has changed and evolved and will continue to do so, year to year, week to week, day to day. How we view and consume the web has also changed and will continue to do so at the same rate. Your website can be viewed on something as small as the phone in your pocket or as big as your new TV which is the size of a small car. One day we might be surfing the web on our washing machines or on mini screens on the inside of our eyelids, who knows!

Change Is Good

I believe that change is a good thing and try to embrace it, but how does that relate to designing for the web? Well if we accept that we have no control about the size and shape of the devices that people will use to view our websites then we accept that the web is built on an infinite canvas. Anything we make has to be built in such a way that the content within it is readable, usable, accessible and understandable regardless of what we are using to access it.


I achieve this by using a responsive, mobile first and device agnostic (by which I mean that the layout of a website changes when the content needs it to) approach to web design. Responsive design is now the rule rather than the exception in today’s web, but what does it mean? Well in short when a website is designed responsively it responds and adapts to the size of device or screen being used to view it so the user can still comfortably consume it’s content without having to think about it. I gave a talk a while back on this subject in much greater detail which I then published as an article on my blog, you can read it here if you like!