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Time Is Important

Time Is Important

Nobody actually really wants to use your website. This sounds like a terribly grandiose sweeping statement and maybe it is, but it’s also the truth.

Don’t Waste My Time

If you consider the different type of media we use to consume content – TV, radio, magazines, Netflix etc etc then the web has the smallest attention span of all of them by far. Add this to the affect of smartphones and tablet devices on our attention spans and it becomes pretty clear that you need to get to the point. Users don’t want to spend a lot of time looking at your website, they want to do whatever it is they need to do then get back to taking selfies or watching Game of Thrones or whatever. If you waste people’s time by making your website difficult to understand and navigate people will leave and probably won’t come back.

If your website design has a loading graphic at the beginning, start over. — Chris Meeks


I try to keep the sites I design as simple and quick to use and navigate as possible and stay away from unnecessary fluff like time-consuming animations and transitions and gimmicks as although they may be something fun to show the CEO in a meeting so she thinks you’re getting your money’s worth from the designer, the novelty quickly wears off and they can become an irritation and an obstacle to your users.