Simon Foster Web Designer

Why Before How


There can be a temptation when starting a new project to jump straight into your code editor or Photoshop or Sketch (or whatever you use to get the job done) and start thinking in visual or aesthetic terms before everything else but this isn’t the way I like to start. First and foremost I like to ask WHY?

Why Are We Here?

Why do you need a website?
Why do you need to update or redesign your current website?
Why is your product or service worth buying?
Why are your users here?
Why would they come back?

Once we have established the ‘why’ we can then look at the ‘how’. Every project is different and has its own unique set of requirements, restrictions, goals and objectives. The more I can understand why this project is happening the more I can tailor the process to suit its individual needs and hopefully create something unique and bespoke.